On the bright (technical) side of Isogeo…

We started this blog more than 18 months ago to spread our vision about the management of geospatial data in general, the cataloging of that data in particular, and all the technology that lies beyond it. Our target audience has mainly been French so far.

Week after week over the last 2 years, our vision has been realized in our product (http://www.isogeo.com/) thanks to the hard work of our small but dedicated team of software engineers and architects. Long is the road, but the journey has been great so far! We love what we have built, we are passionate about what we are developing right now and our excitement is boundless about what lies ahead.

The journey is great… but mainly silent! The goal of the new Engineering category of this blog is to document it: what is our architecture, and why did we make the choices we made? What tools, frameworks and techniques are we using? What did we develop ourselves, and why? Which technical choices got us the smoothest rides, which got us onto more bumpy roads?

As English is the linga franca of software engineers of the world, we will be writing in English (but you guessed that already). Stay tuned if you want to know more about what lies at the heart of our product.

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