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Continuous Integration has been in place in Isogeo for more than two years now, which has been an excellent way to release fairly consistent versions of our backend components (our API for the main part) over time. Our main achievement in 2014 in this domain was to be able to integrate our frontend components (our main application) in the same process. This was a bit challenging because of technology differences (Javascript vs .NET) but we are pretty pleased by the results.

Our goal in 2015 is to go further down that road and improve our Deployment Pipeline to ensure an overall better quality and a better availability of our platform. We want to be able to test more, more consistently and get us closer to a Continuous Delivery platform.

Isogeo La solution Product Engineering

We started this blog more than 18 months ago to spread our vision about the management of geospatial data in general, the cataloging of that data in particular, and all the technology that lies beyond it. Our target audience has mainly been French so far.

Week after week over the last 2 years, our vision has been realized in our product ( thanks to the hard work of our small but dedicated team of software engineers and architects. Long is the road, but the journey has been great so far! We love what we have built, we are passionate about what we are developing right now and our excitement is boundless about what lies ahead.

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